A Couple of Characters

IMG_20140914_121831I had fun posing as a couple of characters while visiting the King Arthur Flour Company in Norwich, Vermont today.

Now I’m back at my computer and it’s time to enter the lives of Jean and Rosie again as I continue writing the third book in their series.

Plans are to forward the finished manuscript to my publisher by the end of this month so we can begin the editing phase.

Only a few weeks left, but it’s all coming together. I can see the end in sight and it’s exciting.





I can’t wait until I write THE END. I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as I do.

(And I know you’re going to love their new adventures. Jean and Rosie are always full of surprises!)


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Happy Labor Day

LeavesI hope your Labor Day weekend was as wonderful as mine was.

On Saturday, I gathered leaves while my husband and I enjoyed walking through the beautiful town of Norwich, Vermont. Here’s proof that the fall foliage in New England has started already.

Market basketOn Sunday, it was cloudy and then rainy, so we went shopping. One of the stores we visited was Market Basket. It was nice to see the place filled with shoppers again. Welcome back, Market Basket!

And today, we enjoyed Prescott Park in Portsmouth, NH–one of my favorite places.

By the photos below that my husband took while we were there, you can see why it’s so special.

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

Portsmouth 1Portsmouth 2
Park 1
Shreck 1(I think Shrek is dreaming about how happy he is to be snoozing in Portsmouth.)

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Sound Familiar?

Yesterday, my husband mentions he’s been searching for a certain item for days. He’s looked everywhere, he claims, but it’s nowhere to be found.

I don’t believe him. I know how he thinks and his logic is different than mine. So, that’s why I do my own quick search. I look in all the locations where I believe he might’ve put it. After only a few minutes, I spot the original box for the item on a table in the living room—in clear sight.

“Did you put it back in its box the last time you used it?” I ask.

“I saw the box, but, no, I wouldn’t do that,” he responds. “Don’t bother looking there.”

Again, good thing I know how he thinks. I decide to check anyway.

And there it is—the item he’s been searching for.

“I found it,” I say as I place it in his hand.

“Really? Where?” (He seems surprised, although I know he’s not because this happens all the time.)

“In the box you told me not to bother checking. In the most logical place it could be,” I reply.

And this is what he says next (I find this rather amusing):

“Well, you must’ve put it there because I didn’t. No wonder I couldn’t find it.”


All I can do is shake my head. No bother debating, although I know better.

Sound familiar to any of you?

(And, yes, in case you’re wondering, he did also thank me for finding it for him.)

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It’s Free!


We’re doing it again!

The Kindle version of my first novel in Polyester Pajamas is free from Amazon for the next two days only – Wednesday August 13th and Thursday, August, 14th.

Download it HERE and tell all your friends about it.

This is the first book in the Jean and Rosie series.


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When Lives Intertwine

2ndgradeKathy and I first met when we attended parochial school together back in the mid-60s. Here’s a class picture of us in 2nd grade. (I’ve blocked out the faces of the others.) Kathy is the girl standing up with the big smile, wearing the pretty red jumper.

I left that school after 4th grade, and even though we both continued to live in the area, we didn’t meet again until over 35 years later when I started working at a place she was already employed at. We even worked together in the same department.

Kathy changed jobs and 6 more years passed until we connected once more. That was only a few months ago, when my husband and I decided to look for a new home. The first house we inquired about just so happened to be Kathy’s listing.

We’ve seen several houses since then, all with Kathy, and although we haven’t found the right one yet, I know that when we do, she will be the one who sells it to us.

Our lives have crossed three times so far.

Coincidences or fate? (FYI – I don’t believe in coincidences.)

(If you’re ever searching for a primary or vacation home in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, or if you have one to sell in the area, I highly recommend Kathleen Davis of ReMax Bayside for a Realtor.)

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A True Story

My husband and I recently decided it was time to purchase a new shower curtain—the one we had, by its appearance, was ready to be replaced.

We wanted one that was all black or had a black pattern on it (other than a zebra print). After searching in several stores, though, we couldn’t find anything even close.

The search continued until my husband finally bought one earlier this week. It looked okay, although not ideal, and we still preferred the pattern of our “old” one. So, he also decided to wash the curtain we were replacing before discarding it—just in case.

Lo and behold, the “old” one came out looking great. That’s why it is again hanging from the curtain rod in our bathroom, and the new one he bought is still in its packaging waiting to be returned.

Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke (or worn, or ugly), right?

Right, however…

Last night, when I couldn’t reach something on the top shelf of the linen cabinet, I asked my husband to get it for me. As he was doing so, guess what he discovered under some items we never use?

Not one, or two, or even three, but FIVE brand new black/black print shower curtains.

Can you believe it? FIVE!

Needless to say, I think we’ve gone this route before—several times.

This really is the truth, I’m sorry to say. What a sad fact, especially since we can’t remember buying any of them.

It’s also rather funny. Twenty-four hours later and I’m still laughing! :0

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Writing Process Blog Tour

First of all, I want to thank Ursula Wong for inviting me to participate in this Writing Process Blog Tour. Although I’m rather busy these days (I always am!), I decided to join in because it involves answering 4 simple questions about my writing process. Plus, it gives me the opportunity to introduce other writers.

Ursula Wong is a New England author who lives in Massachusetts. Her first novel Purple Trees, a haunted mystery, is currently available on Amazon.com. Her second novel Amber Wolf will be available soon. I encourage you to find out more about her by visiting her author site.

(While you’re at it, also check out this site where Ursula and another New England author, Stacey Longo, have their own blog tour answers to the following questions.)

Now, it’s my turn. Here goes:

  1. What am I working on?

I’m writing the 3rd book in the Jean and Rosie series. I originally named it in Red Leather Jackets, but the title has changed. Right now, I’m keeping the new title a secret. If all goes as planned, it will be available to purchase later this year. Some of you may be wondering if it will be the last book in the Jean and Rosie series. Guess what? I don’t think so! :) 

  1. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My work is just that–my work. I don’t follow a formula. I write to express situations, through my characters, that many can relate to. It is my intent to have my novels not only be entertaining, but thought-provoking. I have read other novels that are similar in style, but many are not.

  1. Why do I write what I do?

I like to observe people and love to hear about their everyday trials, tribulations, and adventures. My books are character-driven and I’m inspired by what I see and hear around me. Plus, I’m about the same age as my main characters, so I write what I know best.

  1. How does my writing process work?

An idea suddenly comes to mind and the story develops from there. You could say the characters begin speaking to me about what’s going on in their lives and what they want me to share. As the story progresses, though, I encounter a few surprises. Things happen that I never planned or thought of before. Situations occur that my characters never forewarned me of. That’s when I believe I write the best. I forget that I’m actually creating the story, and I’m more involved in finding out what happens next!

Okay, it’s time to introduce you to a writer who lives in New Hampshire (like me). Even though I haven’t met her yet, I like her already and enjoy reading her blog posts.

Cindy Easter 4Introducing Cindy Shea (in her own words):

I am New Hampshire native with an MBA in business leadership from Franklin Pierce University.  By day I am a cost analyst for a manufacturing firm, but by night I am an antique dealer, blogger and mystery writer.

I am a member of the New Hampshire Writers Project and the Sisters in Crime national and New England chapters. My undergrad is in communications, which was the closest thing to a writing degree you could get at SNHU back then.  I am an avid gardener, baker and reader of all types of genres.

I have two grown children and live with my boyfriend and business partner (and in-house graphic designer) Dennis.  We live in an old farmhouse in Loudon, NH with our two dogs; a Newfoundland named Elli and a Lab/Hound named Cadi, and our two cats Bristol (aka Mr. Grumpy Pants) and Gracie our all white deaf kitty.

You can find my blog at http://cindyshea.wordpress.com/, my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/CindySheaNH?ref=hl, or follow me on Twitter at @cindysheanh.

Cindy is participating in this blog tour and will be posting her answers to the blog tour questions on her site at some point next week.



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