Coming Soon

Wondering where I’ve been these days?

I’ve been working to get in Leather Chaps (Jean and Rosie Series Book 3) done. The story has been written and edited, and the cover has been created. I still have to typeset it, order some ARC copies and have a few readers look it over before publishing. Publication is still a few weeks away, so it’ll be available in July now (one month later than planned).

Until then, with my full-time job and other obligations as well, there’s just not enough time for writing blog posts. (Did you know that a simple blog post takes me a couple hours to write?)

The next post will probably be the announcement of the book release. It’s coming soon, though, so keep checking back!

FYI – It’s Bike Week in the Lakes Region! Here are some photos I took today at/around Laconia Harley Davidson in Meredith, NH.










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To Do List

It’s been three months since my husband and I bought our new home and although everything seemed more than overwhelming for a while (we still have so much to do), we’re starting to settle in. And because we are, I’m getting back to my normal writing routine.

The other day, I created the following To Do List of my writing goals for the rest of this year:

  1. Get in Woolen Bikinis trade paperback available online again.

I thought I would have this accomplished by now, but there have been minor setbacks and delays. There’s only a little more typesetting to do, though, so I will have this done within the next few days. (FYI – My first book, in Polyester Pajamas, is already back available in trade paperback and both books are available in Kindle format.)

  1. Publish 3rd book in the Jean and Rosie series – in Leather Chaps.

This is long overdue and I know many readers are waiting to find out what Jean and Rosie are up to. If all goes as planned, it’ll be published this June. (That’s next month—YAY!) I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as it’s available.

  1. Write script for in Polyester Pajamas.

I really would like to see this novel made into a stage play (a musical perhaps). It would be ideal for local theater productions and I would especially love to see it debut in my new hometown. That’s why I’m currently reading up on how to write a play script. Unless someone else comes along and takes on the task, I’m going to give it my best shot.

  1. Write a non-fiction book about my author experiences.

It’s time to start writing about my own experiences as an author. My goal is to share the good, the bad, and the ugly. I never knew what I was getting myself into when I became a published author—what a ride it’s been so far! Maybe I can help someone else just starting out. In any case, I know it’ll be informative, as well as entertaining.

  1. Author a Christmas novel.

I’ve been hoping to accomplish this for the past few years. No more delays! I’ve already started on it (and have a good portion of it written), so plan on seeing my first Christmas novel later this year.

Although I’m beginning to discover the many benefits of becoming a self-published author, I’m also appreciating all the work my former publisher used to do for me. From writing, to editing, to typesetting, promoting, publishing, etc., etc., creating a book takes a lot of time and is hard work. However, I’m not complaining. As I’ve said before, I love doing what I do and I’m learning so much along the way.

Can I accomplish all these goals this year? I know I’m being very ambitious, but I really believe I can! (The year is already almost half over, so we’ll soon find out.)

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Flower or Vegetable?

IMG_20150502_123151My husband and I bought our new home a few months ago when there was still snow on the ground, so everything that’s sprouting up in our yard now is new to us. (Yes, spring has finally arrived in NH!) Last week, these funny looking things started growing in and around our perennial garden and I thought they might be a special type of flower. But, as they started multiplying a little too quickly, I remembered…

Fiddlesticks. No, no, wait a minute–I mean fiddleheads. Not a flower, either, but a vegetable.

Is that what these are? (I’m still not sure.)

I know a lot of people eat fiddleheads. A long time ago, a friend gave me some to sample after picking them from the side of a road. I was so afraid to eat them, though, so I didn’t. For some reason, if I don’t plant the vegetable myself (or buy it in a grocery store or at a farm stand), I’m afraid it might not be edible.

I’ve heard that fiddleheads taste like asparagus and I love asparagus (especially broiled with garlic olive oil and sea salt). My vegetarian son and daughter in law say they’re delicious too. Hmmm, maybe I should try them after all.

I don’t know, though. What do you think?

(Again, is that what these are?)

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Much Needed Rest & Full Steam Ahead

After moving into our new home in early March, the surroundings were new and my mind was on overload thinking about everything that needed to be done (unpacking, renovating, still working full-time, getting my books available again, etc., etc.). As a result, I was having a hard time sleeping. For weeks, I was awake until at least 2 am, even though I was in bed by midnight. I would stare up at the ceiling wishing I could slow my mind down and get some rest. I even took sleeping pills, but they didn’t help.

Then, about a week ago, my husband mentioned I should use ear plugs like he does. No way! I wouldn’t sleep at all if I knew I couldn’t hear anything (I still use a baby monitor even though my babies are grown and gone). No, I knew that wouldn’t work!

But his suggestion was very helpful because it made me recall that I owned an eye mask. Maybe the effect could be similar to his ear plugs? I had gotten the mask when I went to a Dinner in the Dark event. Could wearing this really help me sleep? I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it out.

And to my surprise, it did work! Who would’ve known that such a simple solution could do the trick?

Okay, so now I’m getting more rest these days and that’s making me more productive. I just finished typesetting in Polyester Pajamas and the trade paperback should available online again in about a week. My second book in Woolen Bikinis will soon follow. If you don’t know, Kindle versions for both of these have been re-edited and are available now.

Plans after that are to get Book 3 out within the next couple of months. (Yes, I’m working on that, too.)

And there are a couple of events this week I’d like to share:

For those of you who live in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, I’ll be speaking at the Meredith Public Library Thursday, April 23rd from 10:30 am until 12 pm. Come and visit if you can!

Also, it’s been a while since I’ve had a free Kindle promotion, so this Wednesday, April 22 through Sunday, April 26th, the Kindle version of in Polyester Pajamas will be free on Amazon.

Full steam ahead!

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Better Late Than Never

shamrock shake 2015I almost forgot to have my annual Shamrock Shake last week. I’m so glad that my good friend and co-worker Lori reminded me before it was too late. She bought the shake for me and took my picture too!

Here I am enjoying it. Do I look tired? Well, I am—it’s been a busy year so far.

(I don’t care how many calories are in these things—it was just what I needed.)

Happy Belated St. Patrick’s Day!

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earring seatHere’s a craft idea that is easy to do and very useful. Take the seat from an old previously caned chair, tack some screen onto the back of it so it covers the open seat area, and add a couple screw eyes and wire for mounting purposes. On the front of the seat, put a few pegs (made from dowels bought in a craft or hardware store) in the top holes and even add a few in some bottom and side holes. These will be used for hanging necklaces, bracelets, etc. As you can see, the screen itself is a great place for earrings.

My husband made a few of these as gifts many years ago and I use mine all the time. We just put it up in our new house today so I thought it would be the perfect thing to share.

I love to repurpose, don’t you? Any unique repurposing idea you’d also like to share?

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Labor Pains

In several ways, moving into a new home is like giving birth to a child.

  1. Everyone offers congratulations about the forthcoming new home or child, but don’t warn you about what you’re likely to go through before achieving it (until after you’ve actually done so).
  2. No matter how well you prepare for the special event, you’re never really ready for it.
  3. The process of moving (giving birth) guarantees sore muscles, bruises and sometimes lasting scars.
  4. After it’s over, your life becomes completely disorganized. Old routines go out the window and you have to adapt to many changes.
  5. And there’s a guarantee of at least a few sleepless nights.

HOWEVER, there comes a time when you forget about how much labor was involved in the process and realize (hopefully) the result was well worth it.

Guess what I’ve been doing this past month to explain why I haven’t been blogging lately?

Moving into a new home! (No, not having another baby.)

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