Shooting Star

If you’ve read in Polyester Pajamas, the first book in the Jean and Rosie series, you’ll understand why Jean is saying hello to her mom in this week’s comic.

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Who Talks Too Much?

It’s time to introduce you to Rosie’s husband, Jack. Yes, he likes to talk–about football, politics, all sorts of stuff–but unlike Rosie, he’s not a good listener.

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Don Who???

Every night, I spend a few minutes sketching different objects and working on ideas for the next comic. Two days ago, still wondering what this week’s comic would be about, the answer came to me while drawing a palm tree. The palm tree made me think of Heidi, a good friend and co-worker, who was enjoying a vacation in Hawaii. I’ve never been to Hawaii, but it made me think of Don Ho. Don Who?? Don Ho! When I was young, I remember watching Don Ho on television, performing from…you guessed it…Hawaii. If you don’t know who he is, check him out on Wikipedia. Then, go to YouTube and listen to “Tiny Bubbles”, the song he’s best known for. It will make you happy and feel fine!🙂

(The creative process and how ideas emerge never cease to amaze me!)

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Song and Dance

One of the best stress relievers is to listen to music, sing along, and dance, dance, DANCE! This week, that’s what Jean and Rosie have decided to do. Notice the hairbrushes they’re using for microphones? I’ll bet many of you have done this too! (I know I have.)

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Different Perspectives/Same Conclusion

Jean tends to see things one way. Rosie sees them another way.
However, they both come to the same conclusion…life is good (and so is wine).

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Where’s Your Butt?

This week’s comic features Bob, Jean’s husband (or is it ex-husband?). As some of you may know because you’ve read the Jean and Rosie series, Bob should have a hairy chest. I liked the way this came out, though, so decided not to add the hair.
(Maybe he shaves it off now? Ha!)

new aged 15-001

I would’ve liked to have included a background in this comic, but it was challenging enough for me to figure out how to draw Bob holding onto his belly!

Thank you for following along as I continue to learn cartooning.

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Puppy Love

This week, it’s all about Max, Jean’s devoted dog from the Jean and Rosie series.

I find it funny that as I was creating today’s comic, my cousin, Beth, without any knowledge of what I was working on, shared this YouTube video on Facebook. (It’s my favorite version of the song “Puppy Love”.) These could be Max’s words right now. LOL!

new aged 14-001



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