Shamrock Shake Time

Even though a small Shamrock Shake contains over 500 calories and 15 grams of fat, I had to partake in my annual indulgence today. And, of course, I needed the annual photo to share. (Thank you, Nanci, for taking this one.)

Wishing everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow!

shamrock shake 2017


BTW: If you also partake in a Shamrock Shake, I suggest you follow up this green indulgence with something pink (Pepto Bismol). It never fails–every time I have one of these, my intestines protest. (I think I’ll wait until next year to have another!)

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That Jean!

There Jean goes again – stirring up some new trouble! Guess it’s time to start thinking about another book in the series. Plans are to publish a fourth book featuring these characters (and characters they are!) later this year. 🙂


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True Love

I am so grateful to have been able to attend, via a live feed, a very special wedding yesterday. Sitting in my desk chair, in front of my computer screen, I cried tears of joy as two wonderful people (soulmates) publicly declared their love, loyalty and devotion to one another.

Congratulations, Bob and Colleen. Thank you for letting so many of us be part of this amazing event. It was the best pronouncement of true love that I’ve ever witnessed. ❤



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February in New Hampshire

After already getting at least a foot of snow this past week, another storm is on the horizon, promising at least another foot of the stuff! Have you gotten sick of shoveling yet? Looking forward to spring? Don’t worry, the official start to spring is now less than six weeks away. Although that doesn’t mean there still won’t be snow on the ground once we get there–especially if this February weather pattern keeps up–it does help to know that spring is not too far away. In the meantime, find a way to enjoy this winter wonderland, even if it does require some shoveling.


Hey, what a great day to read a book! My latest release, Music, Memories & LOVE e-book is free to download this week (2/12/17-2/16/17). The story takes place on Christmas Day but it’s a romance worth enjoying any day of the year! Get it HERE.

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New England Gals

It’s all about the Superbowl today. Jean and Rosie are watching the game and, of course, they’re cheering for the New England Patriots!new-aged-45

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A Special Man

This one’s kind of cold…and always disappears over time! LOL


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This Week’s Special

The sign displayed in this comic is a cropped photo (store name removed). I saw it on the entrance door of a supermarket earlier this week and knew I had to share it. Too funny!


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