He was an old man, standing alone in his driveway on an early summer day, watching the cars pass by. I was a passenger in one of those cars and caught a glimpse of him—just a glimpse—but his image never left me. It later inspired me to write this poem.


Watching the world go by.
Seeing it pass before my eyes.
Bearing witness to another day’s dawn,
Preluding, yet, another day’s song.
Funny how it all seems to slip away.
Nothing is ever meant to stay.

Still, I can remember,
Ah yes, oh so well!
Rising from what seemed like hell.
Grasping the world and making it mine.
Simply living my life,
And feeling so fine.

But now I’m old;
My time here almost gone.
If my life were a battle,
I would say that I’ve won.
So I have no regrets of what’s come and passed.
Always remembering, nothing’s meant to last.

I’m just watching the world go by.
Savoring the moments before I die.
Thankful and rich for what I’ve done,
Where I’ve been, how far I’ve come.
Knowing my breath will soon slip away,
As dusk will soon envelope the light of this day.

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One Response to CARPE DIEM

  1. Mike says:

    Beautifully written!

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