Sometimes poems are the only way to say something that is unspeakable otherwise. My poem HIDDEN BLOSSOMS was written many years ago after a spiritual awakening where I recognized the importance of giving up the fight, the ego, and all of the self-effort, and instead simply LETTING what was inside me (my real SELF) shine through naturally.

To me, it means to reveal an eternal truth and to pass it down, without judgment, to those that do not yet know who they truly are.

May this poem also speak to you in whatever way that it is meant to.


Like a flower unfolding,
so, too, my life
revealing splendor,
unhampered beauty.
All that once
was dormant,
contained safely within
until this moment
of maturity.

Exposed now –
as a newborn child.
Aware that this
also shall pass,
while petals fall
down to soften
and nourish
hidden blossoms
still waiting
to be formed.

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