Christmas is a time to be joyful and thankful. And the Christmas Spirit is like magic in the air—you can feel it all around you. But it is also a retrospective time for many, and a season to be missing those loved ones that have passed away, either recently or even years ago. I miss my mother especially this time of year. She died in August, 2001 so this will be the 11th Christmas without her, but the memories of Christmas Eve at her house (my childhood home) with family and friends never fades.

That is why I chose the following poem to share with you on this Christmas Eve. I wrote it right before my mom passed away. It brings forth the message that, despite the sorrow of loss, blessings are there for us all—now and forever.

May you all have a wonderful Christmas filled with family, friends, good memories,
and . . .


Looking for answers–
there are none.
Yet, blessings are bestowed
in unknown places,
empty spaces
that needed filling in.

Suffering and blessings co-exist.
A plan not made
by human minds,
but somehow intertwined
into existence so perfectly—
so tenderly.

Total confusion; unclear
why things happen
the way that they do.
One, appearing unfortunate,
dies so young;
another, very old.

So many stories
remain hidden; untold
by mortal tongues.
Still, the blessings come
and cracks are sealed—
without answers.

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