Last week, a co-worker asked me if I would like to adopt a Betta fish. She had gotten it from someone else, but said it needed more activity and knew that my desk is in a place where a lot of people walk by. I’m guessing that she also knew that I would personally give it plenty of attention.

Well, it’s been about two years since I’ve had a fish at my desk. First, there was Bob #1. Believe it or not, he was a talking fish. No, I’m not crazy. Many at work thought that I was until they also heard him “talk”—a funny sonic-type noise that came out of him sporadically.

Bob #1 lasted a few years and I was so attached to him that I cried when he died. Luckily, it happened one weekend when I wasn’t around. They flushed his remains down the toilet and Bob’s empty vase was delivered back to me with a condolence note. I even got a special bereavement card from my supervisor.

Another co-worker went right out and bought me Bob #2. He looked just like the first Bob and I enjoyed his company, but he wasn’t a talker. He lasted a little less than two years and died while I was on vacation.

Bob #3 was waiting for me when I returned—purchased by yet another co-worker that was covering my desk while I was gone. Although beautiful, he seemed sickly from the start and I knew something was wrong when he started swimming upside down and diving into the rocks head first. One weekend, I bought him some fish medicine and a special statue for the bottom of his vase. Maybe he was just bored? Unfortunately, he was dead that following Monday morning. It was then that I thought that my Betta Bob days were over.

But they weren’t! Now I have my new fish—Dreadlocks Bob. He used to be called Raspberry, but that didn’t work in our department. It was unanimous that his name had to be Bob, like my previous fish. When I mentioned that he looked like he had dreadlocks, he became Dreadlocks Bob. The name fits him and he seems to be enjoying the constant activity. He’s even making bubbles for everyone!

It’s nice having a Betta Bob fish again. Thanks, Sue, for thinking of me when he needed a new home. I promise to be a good mom and keep him entertained.

Oh and did I mention? There’s a Betta fish in my upcoming novel IN POLYESTER PAJAMAS and also in the sequel WOOLEN BIKINIS that I’m currently working on. Neither of them talk though, at least not yet.

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  1. Susan says:

    What a delightful tribute to your Betta Bob’s! You are very sweet and so areyour fish. (but I have to tell you that he will always be Razz to me… 😦 🙂

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