I’ve been eating Jello lately, about a serving a day. It’s something that I don’t usually eat, but it’s one of the only foods (if you can call it food) that I can tolerate since becoming sick with the stomach flu last week.  I won’t go into the nauseating details about the illness—I’ll just say that it was the worst stomach flu that I can remember ever having. I hope that none of you come down with this virus, but be warned that it’s been going around, and be sure to wash your hands frequently and sanitize your home and work areas. It might prevent you from getting it.

Back onto the subject of Jello and why I decided to blog about it today. Well, eating it lately has made me remember back years ago to when my husband was going through some sort of Jello addiction. No kidding, he ate it continuously throughout the day. He would keep the little individual plastic serving cups too—we couldn’t throw them away—for some future undetermined use. He collected boxes of those little cups and some were donated to schools for painting and other art projects, but the rest remain in our basement. And there’s a nice little stack starting again on our kitchen counter, thanks to me.

Remembering my husband’s addiction to Jello has also reminded me of a cute little poem that I was inspired to write back then. My youngest son was still living at home at the time, so it was written from a kid’s perspective. I hope that you get a chuckle from it.

My Stepdad Eats Jello For Breakfast

My stepdad eats Jello for breakfast.
He eats it with fork, knife or spoon.
He likes how it moves around in his mouth,
so he has three more helpings by noon.

His favorite flavor is cherry,
then strawberry, orange and grape.
It would amaze you to see him eat it.
I should put it on video tape.

Oh, how my stepdad loves Jello.
He eats it all through the day.
He eats it up until midnight.
He eats it from June until May.

He doesn’t like it with whipped cream.
He says it will ruin the taste.
And if you can’t savor the flavor,
why, then it would just be a waste.

I’ve seen my stepdad eat Jello
while humming a classical tune,
gazing up to the stars,
by the light of the silvery moon.

And I’m sure that even past bedtime
when we all are fast asleep
my stepdad is dreaming of Jello
and how much tomorrow he’ll eat.

Yes, my stepdad loves Jello.
My mom says that someday he’ll shake
and wiggle and jiggle from eating too much.
I wonder how MUCH it will take!

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2 Responses to JELLO ANYONE?

  1. Diana Thomas says:

    Very cute poem. I take it that he is over his jello addiction. So sorry that you have been so sick – I hope that yo
    u are back to good health very soon.

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