Have you ever met someone who can’t accept another’s point of view, only their own? Someone who tends to be negative about everything and, as I describe in my poem below, sees the world in a constant shade of gray? Bummer, huh?

Whenever I encounter people like that, I first feel sorry for them—they don’t know what they’re missing out on. Then, it just makes me thankful that I’ve been blessed with always being able to view the world in colors—full of love, opportunity, beauty, adventure, and, being a writer, a vivid imagination. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I wish for you all a world full of crayons.


Some people see only gray
To them, there is no way
To view the world
In its crayons of hues
Melodrama of yellow
And passion of blues
The comfort of green
The romance of red
All of the colors
That can stir round one’s head
To brighten—To shine
To squeal with delight
Tapestry visions
Art forms in sight
Purple and orange
Magenta and black
Warmth of earth brown
Every color—no lack

Some people see only gray.

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