I haven’t flow anywhere for over 13 years. And that’s because I have a fear of flying. Why, I don’t know, but I get weak all over and my stomach turns every time I think about stepping on a plane.

So this past week, after my son flew off somewhere on vacation (and I was all nervous about it), I got to thinking more about flying. Why am I so afraid of it? Isn’t it time to get over my phobia? I really believe that all things happen as they are meant to anyway, so what’s the fear all about?

Thoughts of flying continued on in my mind. Then, while reading through the daily paper on Friday, I came across the horoscope section. Well, I couldn’t believe it when I read the horoscope for my sign: Plan a trip, preferably involving a plane. Honest, that’s what it said, word for word. I don’t usually take those things seriously, but I couldn’t help think that it was written just for me.

I called my husband soon after and told him to start planning a vacation–someplace we could fly to–because it was time to get past those uncalled for fears of mine. “Maybe we can go after my book is released and then I can do a signing wherever we wind up,” I suggested. He thought that it was a good idea.

Now it’s offical. At some point this year, we are taking a trip, on a plane. Where to yet? I don’t know. But, as my husband has since mentioned, this could be just the beginning of something much bigger. If all goes well, he says, we might be flying off to several other places to do even more signings.

Wow! Imagine! Hey, maybe I could get used to this flying stuff after all. (I say this as my legs give out from under me and my stomach starts to flop.)

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