Yesterday I came home after working 8 hours at my day job to discover 90 new emails in my Inbox. Yikes! Usually I don’t get over 30 on an average day—still a good amount—but 90? It almost made me cry.

How was I going to find the time to do all of this necessary social media stuff while still having a full-time job? How would I still be able to find the time to write?

Already, even before publication of my first novel (coming soon!), my daily list of social media things to do has become quite lengthy. I check messages on my two email accounts, see stats on my Blog/Website, go through the news and any messages on Facebook pages, check on my Twitter account (sometimes Tweet), and now also check my LinkedIn account. Oh, and I blog faithfully 3 times a week—Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. If there’s any time left over, I might be able to do some writing on my second novel WOOLEN BIKINIS that I’m happy to announce is almost finished.

All right, you get the picture, so back to those 90 emails. Most were from a writers group that I had just joined on LinkedIn. (And I thought that it was just a place where you submit your credentials.) Several were from other writers who had Liked my Facebook author page and wanted me to Like theirs.

Okay, I regained my composure and, one by one, I responded to those directly addressed to me. It didn’t take long—maybe an hour. Not so bad, but that was the time that I had allotted to writing my blog post for today. I shut down my computer last night not having one word prepared and having no clue as to what I was even going to write about. No problem, I thought (trying to remain optimistic), it’ll come to me.

And it did. I decided to write, as I have done above, about my experience last night. It gives a good picture of how much social media now impacts an author’s life.

Now it’s time to go through the 80 new emails that just arrived today!

Actually, I was planning on writing about Charles Dickens—it’s the 200th anniversary of his birth today. Click on the clip below to find out more about him. Watching it earlier made me grateful that I live as an author in this day and age—social media and all.

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