I was emailed several questions about two weeks ago for a future online author interview. Between working, writing, and all of the social media stuff, it’s been hard to find the extra time to answer them—they’ve been weighing on my mind. That’s why, for the past few days, I’ve been thinking more about these questions and have made it a priority to complete them by the end of this weekend.

Some of the questions are easy ones.

Who’s your favorite author? Anne Tyler—I just love her story lines and quirky characters.

Are you involved in anything else writing-related? Yes, I write and edit a newsletter for the Greater Lakes Region Making Strides for Breast Cancer, sponsored by the American Cancer Society (great cause—check it out!).

What advice would you give to aspiring writers? Read as much as you can and write every day. Write what you know and write for yourself, not just to please others or to get published. Oh, and if you write fiction, be prepared to be surprised at where your characters may take you. It’s a great journey wherever it leads, so enjoy it!

Many of the questions are thought provoking, too. There’s one question in particular that really had me stumped for a while.

If your book became a film, who would you choose as the leading actor(s)?

I even lost sleep thinking about this one. Who would I choose to play the parts of Jean and Rosie, the two main characters of IN POLYESTER PAJAMAS? I asked a few of my friends for help. Good thing, because I got some great answers and we had a lot of fun discussing it. One friend, Jess, who had read the draft of the novel already, finally came up with the perfect choice for both of them.

Susan Sarandon is ideal for Jean. She’s attractive and can play a good bitch, as well as a desperate woman and a passionate lover. She may be 10 years older than the character, but she doesn’t look it.

And Andie Macdowell would make a great Rosie. Very much the opposite of Jean, she’s sweet and cute and you can’t help but like her, well…unless you’re Jean.

Thanks, Jess, for really taking this seriously, even though it was a hypothetical question. Who knows, maybe it will someday become a film, and if it ever does, well, now we know who to call!

(As for the author interview, I’ll be sure to let you know when it happens so you can read the answers to all of the questions that I’m working on, and will finish, by tomorrow.)

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  1. Ann Everett says:

    Hi Cathy,
    This was interesting to me, because I do just the opposite. I actually cast my characters in my head before or just as I begin to write them! Sometimes I start with a character as one movie star, but as I develop him/her, I change the cast member. In my head, I know exactly who all my main characters are, so if someone wanted to make a movie, I know who I’d want to play the parts! However, as you know, as the author, we wouldn’t have that honor. Janet Evanovich had definite people in mind for her book being made into a movie, but not one of her choices got parts…or were even considered! We should be so lucky!! Oh well….we can dream!!

    • Cathy says:

      I just love hearing your comments, Ann. I did have people in mind when I began the book. Jean was someone I had met in my real estate days and Rosie, well, many will say that Rosie is me. As the story was written, it did take on a life of its own and the characters formed into their own people. I had never thought about connecting actors to them, although I have for other stories.
      For anyone that hasn’t read Ann’s book, Laid Out and Candle Lit, be sure to check it out–it’s a really good read and will make you laugh out loud. Also, link to her Blog which is listed in my blog roll on this site.
      Thanks again, Ann.

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