This candy heart gave me a chuckle. It definitely shows how much times have changed. In my younger days, the message would’ve been more like “hug me” or “just cuz”—sayings like that. I don’t think that I even knew what an email was before I turned 30. That was, let me see, how many years ago?

Valentine’s Day is a big thing for me. Not because I get flowers (I don’t), or that my husband and I go out for a romantic dinner (we don’t), and I don’t get any jewelry, either. But there’s no reason to feel sorry for me—not at all—because what I do get is priceless.

My husband gives me this huge card every Valentine’s Day, the same one, and he writes a new message on it each year. I just love reading them, and it pleases me to know that, even after being together for so long (20+ years), he still thinks that I’m the best. So who could as for more?  It’s really sweet and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else, not even jewelry.

When I was in elementary school, way back when, we used to spend a lot of time adorning brown paper lunch bags with hearts, arrows, you name it, each Valentine’s Day. We would tape the decorated bags to our desks to use as mailboxes. Then, we’d parade around the room, one by one, delivering the valentines that we had spent an entire evening or two beforehand working on.

I would always hope that some secret admirer would deliver some special valentine, maybe encoded with a hidden message, avowing his great love for me. The scenario would unfold in my mind—how he would shyly stroll by, not wanting to appear too obvious. Also, there’d be that little smile to show me that, although he may not have written his name on the back of the valentine, it was him, HIM, the cute little boy that I had been ogling over for the entire school year, who truly loved me.

Of course, it was just my imagination running wild and it never happened. But it was fun to “write” those stories in my mind and I kept telling myself, year after year, that maybe, just maybe it would happen someday.

And today it finally did. A special little boy, cute as can be, came to my desk and delivered not only a valentine, but also a big box of chocolates. He gave me that shy little smile and his eyes lit up when he saw me. He is, no doubt, my secret admirer.

That little boy, Henry, is 4 years old, not related, but he claims me now as his adopted aunt. Someday, he’ll most likely forget ever giving me a valentine and chocolates, but I’ll never forget it.  He made this Valentine’s Day extra, extra special to me and he captured my heart forever.  Priceless.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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