“This little light of mine/I’m gonna let it shine.” (Harry Dixon Loes)

There was a time when I felt that my “voice” was trapped inside my skin, unable to get out, unable to be heard. In fact, I couldn’t even hear it myself. But, as far back as I can remember, I still knew it was there, so I kept on trying to figure out how to express it, how to get it out from the inside of me. Whatever did manage to come out was an imposter and it had many disguises.

Then I had a spiritual experience—hard to explain, but it happened. That voice spoke out to me, inside of me, clear as can be. I recognized right away where it came from, and that’s when I knew and understood that TRYING wasn’t the answer at all. Rather, I was to just LET go and LET it speak for itself. By trying to make it happen, I had instead been holding it back all along.

Once I did let go, the anxiety that I carried around with me for so long fled, along with the panic attacks and agoraphobia that I had been experiencing. My ego finally lost its senseless battle for control, and my voice, uniquely my own, almost immediately began to emerge.

My voice, my light, as the song above says, began to shine like the fireflies in the poem that I wrote below—quite naturally and without inhibition.

Let it shine!


There’s a voice deep inside
that has to be heard.
Like the roar of the ocean
and song of the bird.
Clapping of thunder.
Patter of rain.
A cry from a child
of both pleasure
and pain.
Gentle winds blowing
on cool summer nights.
Flicker of fireflies
revealing their lights.
their Lights.

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