Here’s a poem that I wrote when my kids were young.  With my limited drawing capabilities, I turned it into a picture book and, although my mother-in-law loved it, and my youngest son claimed it as his favorite story, I couldn’t get a publisher to accept it for publication (although I tried several times and still have the rejection letters to prove it).

It’s hard to get a picture book published—especially when the word count is less than 200. 

Several years ago, I participated in a local Poetry Jam and read this poem to about 50 people, minus the pictures, but with all of the facial expressions and hand movements that many of you know that I have.  I also read several other poems and came in second place. 

 One teenaged girl made it a point to come up to me after the event just to tell me how much she enjoyed this particular poem.  It made my night!


 I can be almost anything

that I make up my mind to be.

I can be a famous magician

performing tricks that your eyes can not see.

I can be a baseball player

and try out for a major league team.

Or even a racecar driver

going fast down the track. Well, it seems . . .

that I can be almost anything

I make up my mind to be.

I can be a karate expert

impressing my fans like Bruce Lee.

I can be a great rock climber

scaling mountains high up in the sky.

Or maybe an airplane pilot.

“Put your seatbelt on tight and let’s fly.”

Oh, I can be almost anything.

It’s very amazing and true.

I can be a detective

searching around for a clue.

I can be an artist

with my very own masterpiece.

Or maybe even a farmer

with cows, ducks, pigs, hens and geese.

Yes, I can be almost anything.

It’s so endless, and yet,

can’t you see?

That although I can be almost ANYTHING,

the one thing I MUST be is . . .


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