“Telephone, Telegraph, or Tell Cathy.” Those are the exact words that a friend exclaimed to me after someone had just shared some new exciting news. Did I take offense to the comment? Not at all! In fact, it made us all laugh. Everyone who knows me also knows how much I love to talk.

I can talk about anything, and I also like to listen, especially when other women are doing the talking. (Besides, what would I be able to share if I didn’t listen first?) As my book cover for IN POLYESTER PAJAMAS says, “When women talk, they talk about EVERYTHING…” Yep, they sure do!

Now I don’t want you to think that I can’t keep a secret, I can. And if I have to be discreet about something, I will be. But if it’s information that can be given out to the general public? Well, if you just tell me, in record time, everyone else will soon know about it.

Yesterday, a message that was given to another friend of mine started out like this:  “Chatty Cathy told me . . .” There was no question who she was referring to! It not only made me laugh even more, it also reminded me of the Charmin Chatty Cathy doll that my father gave to me when I was a tike. You think that he was trying to tell me something even way back then?

Here’s a YouTube video of that Charmin Chatty Cathy doll that I had. Mine looked exactly like this one, until I decided that I wanted a boy doll and cut off most of the hair.

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