Rewrite suggestions for IN POLYESTER PAJAMAS came in from my editor early last week. At first glance, none of them seemed too difficult or time consuming, so I figured that maybe it would take me only a few days to get them all done. But, as I started in on them, it didn’t take long to realize that I was miscalculating the time and effort that they would require.

The very first suggestion involved a revision of showing a scene rather than telling it. It sounded simple enough, but turned into a major rewrite. I worked on it for hours every evening. Finally, by the end of the weekend, I had created an entirely new first chapter and there were major revisions done to the second chapter (formerly first). 

It required a lot of my time, but I was thrilled with the results. What a transformation these revisions made to the beginning of the book. Did I really write this great stuff? I couldn’t believe it!

I emailed the new revised chapters to my editor right away hoping that she’d love the changes just as much, and was happy to find out that she did.  Success! 

There are still plenty of rewrites to do (most of them minor), and I’ve done several more since that first one. However, I’m now figuring that it may take me another week or two to finish them all up—a more realistic estimation.

Writing and preparing a book for publication is a truly a labor of love and, despite the time and effort required, I’m loving every minute of this great new author adventure.









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