Today I took a vacation day so my husband and I could visit two of our favorite used bookstores in Hadley, MA. These stores are connected to each other and they both were having a semi-annual 35% discount sale. We just couldn’t resist going there, even though we already have a roomful of book still unread. (Yes, I admit, we are book hoarders!)

We spent a couple of blissful hours browsing, one of our favorite pastimes, and ended up purchasing six books each. 

Here’s the list of what I bought today:

1. A Moveable Feast – Ernest Hemingway
2. Unless – Carol Shields
3. A Bigamist’s Daughter – Alice McDermot
4. Sir Gibbie – George MacDonald
5. Fortune’s Rocks – Anita Shreve
6. How to Become a Famous Writer Before You’re Dead – Ariel Gore

Total price for my books came to $13 after the discount.

Total cost for all 12 books today was only $35—less than $3 per book!

(Of course, we won’t mention what it also cost us in gas for the 5 hour round trip and the price of lunch & dinner along the way.)

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  1. everettann says:

    cost of books, $35…cost of gas, astronomical….cost of spending time with your hubby…priceless!

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