Let me give you a quick rundown of what happens between when a book manuscript gets accepted for publication and when it gets published.

  1. Front cover of the book is created and approved of
  2. Marketing plan is worked out
  3. Edits/Rewrites are suggested by the editor for the author to work on
  4. Editor reviews revised manuscript & more adjustments could be suggested (probably will be)
  5. Manuscript moves on to a line editor who checks it line by line for typos, proper punctuation, formatting, etc.
  6. Publisher obtains necessary copyright/ISBN, barcode, etc.
  7. A proof copy is created for review and approval of both publisher and author
  8. “Blurps” for back cover are done (what book is about, a recommendation by a published author, etc.)
  9. Author submits dedications & acknowledgements, bio, author photo, and anything else that publisher needs
  10. Book goes to print & gets released (Yay!)

All of the above tasks have to be completed, although not necessarily in that exact order. I’m sure that the publisher also has additional things to accomplish that I’m not even aware of.

And where am I in this process? Well, I’ve completed the first round of edits and my manuscript is back with the editor. Now I just wait until I hear from her with further comments and suggestions.

Being a published writer requires hard work—I’ve come to find that out. It took me three weeks to just get the edits done. My fingers hurt from all of the keyboarding, there were many sleepless nights, moments of not believing that I could do it, and a great deal of pressure and stress along the way.

And was it all worth it so far? Would I do it all again?


Not only have I learned a great deal along the way, but the novel continues to get even better before publication. I can’t wait until you all get to read it. Soon, real soon–I promise.

I just love being a writer and hope to write novels for the rest of my life.

Thank you Briona Glen Publishing for giving me this opportunity. All of you there are so great to work with and I am so glad that we found each other!

If you want to learn more about the publication process and the relationship between an editor and a writer, I strongly suggest that you read the book THE FOREST FOR THE TREES by Betsy Lerner. Although a bit outdated as far as technology is concerned (published in 2000), it is still filled with all sorts of great information.

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