It’s going to be a quiet Easter this year—just my husband and I. The kids are grown up, some are married, and it is hard to get them all together more than twice a year now. Tomorrow, we won’t see any of them because they all have other plans.

So we aren’t even going to have ham for dinner. Instead, I’m cooking up a nice beef stew in my brand new crockpot. We’ll enjoy it with some warm artisan bread. Other than eating, we’ll just relax for the day—take a short drive, read a book, get in a walk maybe. And we’ll watch a movie later on. A simple celebration, but it sounds pretty good, huh?

While the kids were growing up, we would always have a big ham dinner for Easter. I would also make a cake that looked like a bunny for dessert. We’d dye plenty of eggs beforehand and there would be an egg hunt every Easter morning. Special friends of ours would join us for the day and we’d play board games after we ate. By the evening when the company left, I would be exhausted from all of the cleaning, cooking and entertaining, but it was all worth the hours of preparation and it was loads of fun. The kids really enjoyed it too—that’s what was most important.

Every year now I have a slight sadness on Easter thinking of how it used to be. Then I think about all of the good memories when our children were young. It makes me smile just remembering, it takes the sadness away.

And as we move forward, continuing to get older, I also know that we’ll go on and make new memories.

Like beef stew for two.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter!

(Yes, that is yours truly in the photo. When I was in my mid-twenties, I served as the Easter Bunny for two years in the town that I lived in.)

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