I can remember telling people how I wanted to write a book, but for years I hadn’t even started the first sentence of it. Instead, I concentrated on journal entries, short stories, poems, etc. Okay, maybe I wasn’t writing it yet, but I was always writing something. Someday . . . Someday . . .

Then, after a lot of procrastination, the first line came to me and I began that book, only to stop many times because it seemed like more than I could handle. The characters were good cheerleaders, though. They kept talking inside my head, urging me on. And as I continued to write about them, they became good friends that I just had to get to know better.

At some point in the process, I even began to forget about the writing part altogether. I would sit at my computer, my hands would move across the keyboard, words would appear on my screen, but it never occurred to me that I was actually doing anything other than reading along.

(There’s nothing like getting fully involved in the story during the process. Hours fly by and seem like minutes, the task of writing is forgotten, and the most important thing is to find out what happens next with the characters.)

That book that I always vowed to write is a women’s contemporary novel and took me over five years to finish. The first draft of its sequel is currently in the process and almost done. I’ve been working on that for only six months now. It just goes to show that when a person accomplishes something once, they gain enough confidence to know that they can do it again.

In Polyester Pajamas will be released by Briona Glen Publishing (they’re awesome!) and available to purchase in both e-book and trade paperback soon.

I can’t wait until you meet my two good friends, Jean and Rosie (main characters). They are both middle-aged realtors, different in almost every way, and Jean, who’s quite the negative sort, can’t even stand Rosie. But despite her feelings, something magical begins to evolve. You’ll have to wait just a little while longer to find out more.

Right now, I’m waiting for my line edits—they’re due this week. After that comes typesetting and proof. We’re getting down to the finish line, so I’m also starting to set up book signings and events. Life is getting busier and more exciting by the moment!

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