Those of you who have lost a mom through death can understand how Mother’s Day feels without one!

That pang of sorrow and loss, especially on Mother’s Day, is one of those “dreaded crosses” that I mention in the poem below. I wrote it soon after my mom died in the summer of 2001. 

For those of you missing your own mother, just remember that although she’s not physically here anymore, the spirit of her will always be in your heart. (Behold, not alone!)


The summer
was hot and dry.
So quickly the days passed by
headed toward the mourning;
losing the illusionary grasp
of time remaining.

we watched as
our mother drifted in
and out of different worlds,
under the influence of morphine
that killed the pain,
not knowing which world was real.

our mother
—a strong-willed lady
with a faith that held us together
through years of ups and downs,
now fragile and tired,
defeated by the cancer within.

We stood bravely by her
encouraging her to move on.
She agreed peacefully, leaving us
to carry our own dreaded crosses.
But behold, not alone!

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