Despite being very nervous about this, the time has finally come for me to share an excerpt from IN POLYESTER PAJAMAS, my first novel that is soon-to-be released by Briona Glen Publishing. It’s just the first few paragraphs, but you won’t have to wait long now to read the rest of it! Enjoy!


It wasn’t long after turning the big 5-0 when my life started to change. The birthday celebration itself was great, and it was the first time in a long time that I started believing my husband Bob and I might work things out between us. Our relationship had been rocky for quite a while, like for the entire 32 years of our marriage, but then, well, he planned this whole big party for me and invited all of the neighbors. Brian, our youngest son was there, too, and although our oldest, Robbie, couldn’t join in because he was living across the country in L.A., he did call during the evening and kidded me with a few “old lady” jokes.

I can remember walking into our dark house after work, no one appearing to be home, and I was depressed. I didn’t think Bob even cared it was my birthday, so I didn’t expect him to remember. And Brian had been so busy with upcoming finals.

But before I had even reached for the light switch inside the entryway, the lights came on suddenly and about a dozen people jumped up from behind the furniture.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” they all shouted in unison.

Everyone’s eyes were on me. Black balloons and streamers hung from the ceiling, and the house was noisy and lively for a change. The depressive mood I had been in earlier disappeared, and I was feeling happy.

Then Bob stepped forward holding onto a large birthday cake, frosted in black, with JEAN and OVER THE HILL in purple icing on it. It was adorned with many candles. He placed the cake on a nearby table, pulled out a lighter from his pants pocket, and quickly lit the candles for me to blow out before they all melted onto the cake.

When I failed to extinguish them in one breath, I glanced up at him and noticed he was smiling. I hadn’t seen that smile in a long time. And by the way he was acting, he seemed happy, too. No one there would’ve ever believed we hadn’t slept together for close to a year. Maybe, just maybe, this night would be different and we could start enjoying each other’s company again. What a birthday present that would be!

Right after the appetizers and cake were eaten, a few drinks were consumed, and all of the well wishes and recent gossip had been shared, the guests left. Before I even had a chance to thank Bob for the wonderful evening, he quickly took down the decorations and announced he was heading out, something work-related, and he’d be back late.

So much for a romantic evening, I thought. I should’ve known better.

Then Brian, who was graduating from art school in less than two weeks, sat down next to me on the couch and told me he had made the decision to leave New Hampshire. He planned on purchasing a one-way ticket to L.A. to join his brother.

“Does Dad know?” I asked.

“Yes, I mentioned it to him already. He thinks it’s a good idea.”


“When exactly?” By my tone of voice, he could tell I wasn’t in favor of this.

“As soon as possible,” he replied sarcastically. “Besides, I can’t stand living here anymore!”

Ouch! That hurt! I didn’t have to ask him what that meant. Unfortunately, Brian had witnessed many of the screaming arguments Bob and I had had over the years.

Having done his duty helping me finish with the cleaning up, and having said what he had to say, Brian also departed to join his friends wherever they were hanging out that evening.

Now I was really alone. The depression was back. The happiness was gone.

All I can remember thinking is “Whoever said life gets easier after 50 lied.”

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  1. Joyce Donohue says:

    Dear Catherine, how can one buy your book? Are you part of the Danvers event? have downloaded your excerpts to enjoy at first opportunity. wow

    /s/ Joyce Donohue

    • Cathy says:

      Nice to hear from you! My book is due out next month. Right now it is being typeset. Yay! Yes, I will be part of the Danvers event. So exciting! I’ll also have other events planned in the near future.

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