To follow up on my last blog post, here is the rest of Chapter 1 of In Polyester Pajamas, my debut novel due to be released this June by Briona Glen Publishing:

                                                       * * *
Just a week after graduation, Brian left for California, even though I had tried to convince him to stay.

“Jobs are tough over there,” I commented. “Wouldn’t it be better to stay at least through the summer and save up some money first? Maybe even try to land a job before you leave?”

But he wouldn’t listen. Brian was stubborn, a trait I’m afraid he inherited from me.

As for Bob, he left me right before Thanksgiving, only months after Brian did. I guess he figured there wasn’t any sense hanging around anymore since the kids were gone. And besides that and our screaming matches, I found out there were other reasons.

He came up to me one evening while I was lazing in front of the flat screen TV enjoying an episode of House Hunters. I’m a realtor, so that’s my favorite show, and Bob knows not to interrupt me while I’m watching it, so I was immediately annoyed.

“Hey, wait till the commercial,” I snapped at him in my usual bitchy way.

He reached for the remote on the coffee table in front of me and shut the show off.

Now I was really mad! But when I looked up at him to bitch some more, I saw the suitcase in his hand.

“Where are you going? What’s happening?” I was afraid to hear what I feared he’d say next.

“I’m leaving. I can’t stand your negative nature anymore. And, and….”

“And you have a girlfriend, right?” I shouted back. I was hoping he didn’t, but I already had my suspicions.

“Jean, I don’t want to hurt you, but it’s no good between us.” He looked away for a moment, then gathered up enough nerve to look at me again and said, “I’m sorry, but yeah, I do have someone else, and I want a divorce so I can marry her.”

BOOM! It was like a two-by-four hit me in the gut. All of the air shot out of me as I burst into tears. I always suspected he’d leave me, but when it really happened, when I heard him speak those words…

Bob had a sad expression on his face and started to come towards me like he wanted to comfort me, but he didn’t. Instead, he turned and walked away, suitcase still in hand. He headed to the front door, and then he was gone, just like that, without saying anything else.

That was six months ago. The divorce papers were served to me soon after, and now we’re in the middle of a bitter divorce. 

And I’m still REALLY PISSED OFF about the whole thing and want revenge. Oh, I’m sure he’ll get the divorce, eventually, but I’m not going to make it easy for him. By the time my lawyer is finished with him, he’ll be lucky if he can rub two pennies together. Then we’ll see just how happy he is with that new woman of his, who, by the way, I have since found out is a bimbo blonde and at least 10 years younger than me.

Oh yeah, revenge. I know how to play that game. And my lawyer is the best around—I made sure of that. She hates men and goes in deep for the pockets. I’ve already gotten the house and most of the furniture. Now we’re pushing for additional compensation. After all, he is an adulterer. If he wants happiness, I want money. Fair is fair.

The only problem is that none of this is making me feel any better. Despite my outer defensive mechanisms, I’m still alone and miserable.

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  1. Sue Ross says:

    I want to read more!!!!!! Sue

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