Updates on In Polyester Pajamas, my upcoming debut novel:

  • Typesetting will be completed soon, maybe even by the end of this weekend
  • Front cover has been enhanced and is viewable on the Coming Soon page of this site
  • Draft of back cover has been created and includes a description of the novel, along with a great recommendation (“blurb”) by Jennifer Niven, a very successful, award-winning author (Find out more about her at www.jenniferniven.com)

After typesetting is done and proofs are created, I’ll meet with my publisher (Briona Glen Publishing) to review everything before the book is released.

We’re right on schedule. Publication is anticipated this very month. We’re only weeks away now! (I think I’m about to faint!)

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  1. Pam says:

    ConGratulations!!!! You did it. You are a Published Author. I just bought YOUR book and am reading it on my Kindle. How exciting it was to see that someone I know and love has a Library of Congress control number! Now relax you have earned it.
    See you tomorrow
    Love you,

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