Now that my debut novel in Polyester Pajamas is also available in trade paperback, I’m getting ready for the next new experience—signing books. I know it’s coming soon and I have to admit, I’m pretty nervous about it. Like, where do I sign? What do I say? And let’s not even mention possible typos and punctuation mistakes!

Gosh, this is something all authors worry about, right? Or do I just worry about everything! In any case, I’m going to be signing books soon, so I’d better get used to it.

I also have to get used to being interviewed. My very first interview is now posted at Be sure to check it out.

FYI – My new pen pictured above was given to me by a great group of co-workers at my day job. It’s called a Merrie’s Garden Pen and is made with crushed rose petals from her garden in Connecticut. To find out more about Merrie’s pens, go to

(To find out where my book can be purchased, in both trade paperback & ebook format, the links are provided on the in Polyester Pajamas page on this site. More locations soon to follow.)

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  1. LoriBG says:

    You worry about everything……’ll do fine! Remember you are a writer:)

  2. Just ordered my copy from Amazon–can’t wait!

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