Let me give you a rundown of what my past week in “Author World” has been like.

Monday – After working 8 hours at my day job, I had a scheduled conversation with a reviewer who gave me loads of great information on how to promote my novel. Also, I finished answering several author questions for a future online radio interview.

Tuesday – Ebook was a giveaway as part of Author Gale Martin’s online launch for her new novel Grace Unexpected. (Congratulations to Brenda Woody on winning a copy of in Polyester Pajamas.) Went to a special event after work and, although not book-related, handed out business cards. After that, my husband and I spent hours preparing and packing for the New England Author’s Expo to be held in Danvers, Massachusetts the following day.

Wednesday – Day off from the job. Got a haircut in Concord at Christian Michael’s Salon, then traveled on to the Expo. Had to drive through some terrible thunderstorms, but arrived safely. Set up display table and met some of the Briona Glen Publishing team for the first time, as well as several Briona Glen authors. Talked with many people throughout the evening, sold some books, discussed possible author signings with two bookstore owners, and had several photos taken. My very best friend (who I hadn’t seen in years) surprised me by showing up unexpected. Shed a few happy tears. Great day! Arrived back home around 11 pm.

Thursday – Books were delivered to Innisfree Bookshop in Meredith, so went there to sign them. (What a rush it was to see it on the display table right next to Barbara Delinsky’s new novel!) More photos were taken. Enjoyed the rest of a vacation day driving around the Lakes Region, then back to work on the computer for several hours.

Friday –It was hectic at the job after taking a few days off and I was tired and not too thrilled about spending more time in front of the computer that evening, but I did. Contacted another bookstore by email and gathered info for a press release Briona Glen’s Marketing Director is putting together.  Can’t remember what else.

Sound busy enough? This list doesn’t even include the daily ritual of checking all of my online sites and email accounts—that takes at least an hour or two each day. And, as you may have noticed, there’s no mention of working on my second novel. It’s hard to find the time now with everything else, but after writing and posting this tonight, that’s what I’m planning to do for the rest of the weekend.

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  1. Gale says:

    What a stellar idea for a blog post, Cathy. I had a killer week, too (because of writing!), and only just crawled out of bed to talk about it. But early bird gets the worm, eh? Believe me, I am a kindred spirit when it comes to the work involved in being a successful author, so I doubly appreciate the time and care it required to participate in my launch.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks for letting me a part of your very successful book launch. It was awesome! Let’s be sure to stay connected to keep each other going. It’s hard work, but all worth it!

  2. Cathy, sounds like a hectic but wonderful whirlwind! Thanks for the “behind the scenes” peek 🙂

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