With all of the marketing and social media, and also holding down a fulltime job, finding the time to write these days is challenging. And so is finding the time to read!

This weekend I’ve vowed to spend more time doing both—writing and reading. I’m calling it a mini vacation.

Does that mean I’m not doing any social media or marketing? Obviously, that’s not the case (as I blog this), but I’m limiting it. Besides, I find most people take weekends off from Facebook, my social media favorite, so there’s no one to chat with or read about there. (At least not until Sunday evening, when it seems everyone gets back on again.)

So, as I’ve mentioned, I’m doing some more writing–working on the manuscript of Woolen Bikinis I’ve almost finished. I’m also reading two books. One is Book 3 of a very popular novel series (I just want to know what happens to the couple!). The other book on my Kindle is . .

Oops, never mind. (It’s about social media and how to market a book.)

FYI – Continuous marketing does work. I currently have two interviews scheduled for next week on my lunch breaks (one newspaper, one radio), and an author signing is scheduled for the end of August. More events are in the works and I’ll be sure to tell you about them as soon as they’re finalized, so keep on checking in.

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