It’s a busy week coming up for me. Besides my 40-hour day job, I need to finish reviewing and formatting the completed manuscript for Woolen Bikinis, the sequel to in Polyester Pajamas. I’m determined to finally forward it on to my publisher by the end of this month. (Publication is scheduled for next June.)

Also, I’m down to the wire to finish and submit a 1000 word essay for a contest. The 50 finalists will be featured in a book about writers. (More details on this one later.)

Then, there are two marketing events:

On Wednesday, somewhere between 12:30 and 1 pm, I will be interviewed for about 15 minutes on a WNHN (94.7) radio show called Attitude with Arnie, hosted by D. Arnie Arnesen. The show airs in the Concord area, in parts of Iowa, and streams online at http://nhnewsviewsblues.org. Wherever you are (and whenever you can), you’ll be able to hear it, so check out their site for more info.

The Gibson’s Bookstore event in Concord, NH is on Thursday evening (9/27) beginning at 7 pm. If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by. I will be talking about in Polyester Pajamas and will also be reading an excerpt from it. There will be a Q&A session and a signing afterwards. Don’t even ask me if I’m nervous about this one! Still, all should be fine once I start talking (FYI – I LOVE to talk!).

Above is a photo of the display Gibson’s put up today promoting the event. Since it was behind glass, I was unable to prevent the glare, but still wanted to show it to you. The bookstore is located in a busy booming downtown area, so it will have lots of exposure. It is also located right next door to Bread and Chocolate, a great place to get homemade pastries, breads and sandwiches. Franz, the owner, is a friend of ours, and my husband and I enjoyed a great Italian sub there today for lunch. Yummy!

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2 Responses to BUSY WEEK AHEAD!

  1. Ed Pimienta says:

    I listened to your radio interview with Arnie. I thought Arnie asked the right questions and you offered great insight into the characters in the book – Good Job, Cathy! EdP

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