Last week was busy! On Wednesday, I did a radio promotion for a bookstore event taking place the following evening. Because I’d never been on radio before, I must’ve been a bit nervous. Before it began, my fingers felt like pins and needles due to not breathing correctly. There was nothing I could do about this, so I ignored the sensation and went on with the show. My voice is a bit shaky at first, but you can tell I relax once we get into the conversation.

Hear it yourself by clicking the following link and advancing to 30 minutes into the 60-minute radio program where it begins:

On Thursday, there was the book event at Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord, New Hampshire. Having never spoken about my book in front of an audience before (another first), you’d think I’d be nervous for this one also. Once I arrived there and met a few people, though, I wasn’t at all. (Hmmm. Maybe it was the chamomile tea I had consumed beforehand that helped me relax.)

Below is the link to my first You Tube video – a segment of the event where I introduce myself, give an overview of in Polyester Pajamas and then read a longer version of the same excerpt read on the radio. Afterwards, we all had a great lengthy discussion about the book and I would’ve liked to have shared that as well, but someone sat in front of the camera then and unknowingly blocked the view.

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2 Responses to SEE ME ON YOU TUBE

  1. everettann says:

    Hi Cathy,
    I tried to listen to this, but I live in the country and use a dish connection, so it takes FOREVER to try and load anything from YouTube or any other video/music site. If I can remember, I’ll try to watch it at my son’s house one day next week. I’m sure you did great. You’re staying busy, busy, promoting your book. Good for you.

    • Cathy says:

      Yes, Ann, I’m very, very busy these days. I know you are also. Love every minute of it, too!
      Congratulations on your 2nd novel YOU’RE BUSTING MY NUPTIALS.

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