tree 2

One year, when I was young, my sister made and gave our mother a lighted ceramic tree for Christmas. Every year afterwards, it was displayed on her fireplace mantle during the holidays. The last time I saw it was Christmas 2000. Our mother passed away in August the following year.

That’s why when I saw a ceramic tree for sale at a flea market last December, I just had to have it. It was only $10—what a deal! My husband didn’t see the value and rolled his eyes thinking I was crazy to even consider such a thing.

At my insistence, we bought it, and when we brought it home, he cleaned it up and displayed it on our dining room table. (FYI – We don’t have a fireplace.) It was so beautiful. Fond memories of family Christmases came flooding back to me.

Today, I finally realized it was time to decorate the house–Christmas is coming soon. The first thing I did was bring up the ceramic tree from the basement, dust it off, and place it on our dining room table again. When I plugged it in and turned on the lights, it made me smile and remember.

And, in some mystical way, it also made me feel the closeness of my mother.

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