The Winter Book Blast was a success and a big THANK YOU goes to Delsheree Gladden of The Edible Bookshelf for arranging and hosting it. Also, thank you to those who participated in it.

Congratulations to Susan Stec for winning an ebook of in Polyester Pajamas, and to Lagina Reese for being the winner of the 18 books/ebooks grand prize.


It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. As Christmas approached, way too fast, I had to postpone some tasks to get others accomplished in time (like gift buying, wrapping, cooking & baking, decorating, etc.). That’s why I haven’t written a blog post for the past couple of weeks. I just didn’t have enough time!

Not everything on my “must do” list was done, either. I’m still sending out Christmas e-cards. Guess they’ll have to become Happy New Year cards now. (I’ve never been late with these before. Oh well…)

It is definitely time-consuming to work full-time at a day job and also strive to be a successful author. Keeping up with all the social media and events, not to mention finding time to write the next novel, is a constant challenge. But, don’t get me wrong, I have no complaints. 2012 has been a wonderful and exciting year for me.

2013 is sure to more of the same, too. My next novel, Woolen Bikinis, is currently in the editing stage and anticipated to be released by Briona Glen Publishing next June.  I can’t wait to see the cover Pam Marin-Kingley, Briona Glen’s Creative Director, comes up with for this one! I’ll be sure to share it with you on as soon as I can.

I’m also working on my first Christmas novel. If I can finish it in time, it’ll be released before the next holiday season.

Wow, like I said, it’s going to be busy!

new year

Wishing you all a Healthy and Happy New Year filled with Joy, Peace, Love, and many great books to read. 

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