Last Sunday, the weather was nice, so my husband and I decided to enjoy the day walking around downtown Portsmouth (NH).

Portsmouth has several bookstores, so we also planned to do some book browsing while we were there. It’s one of our favorite pastimes.

The first stop was Sheafe Street Books, voted the 2012 Best Small Bookshop by Yankee Magazine.

Since it is a small shop, I thought I’d be able to browse without being tempted to buy anything. (Books are something we don’t really need right now. We still have boxes in our spare room waiting to be read, not to mention what’s waiting on my Kindle.)

The temptation was too much, however. There was a display of various titles outside for $2 each (or 3 for $5). I had to, at least, check them out.

And before we even entered the shop, I was holding onto three of them to purchase.

Judy Blume
(a very different type of novel for this author)

An Echo Through the Snow
Andrea Thalasinos
(uncorrected advance reading copy)

Margaret From Maine
Joseph Monninger
(uncorrected advance reading copy)

Our second stop was Portsmouth Book & Bar. This place is not only a used bookstore, but also a café with a wine/beer bar. Awesome atmosphere, too!

The temptations were many here, but I limited myself to only one more purchase—this time, a non-fiction writing book.

Writing Tools – 50 Essential Stategies for Every Writer
Roy Peter Clark

Afterwards, since my husband had also purchased several books, we decided no more browsing for the day. We wouldn’t be able to continue walking if we bought any more.

That’s why we didn’t stop at the third great book shop in Portsmouth–RiverRun Bookstore. (We’ve been there often, and it’s worth the visit if you’re ever in the area.)

Instead, we walked right past it and proceeded to Gilley’s (aka Gilley’s PM Lunch) for some of their famous kraut dogs. Yummm!

Book browsing can sure build up an appetite!

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