Just received the final cover art for my upcoming novel in Woolen Bikinis, the sequel to in Polyester Pajamas.

Pam Marin-Kingsley, Creative Director and Acquisitions Editor for Grey Gate Media, LLC (formerly Briona Glen Publishing), did  a fantastic job . . . again!

Thanks so much, Pam–I  love, Love, LOVE IT!


FYI – The manuscript has gone through the first editing phase and is now with the Line Editor. Not much longer before it becomes available. Release date is slated for June.

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5 Responses to IN WOOLEN BIKINIS

  1. Oh, Cathy, it looks great! I love how it echoes In Polyester Pajamas. Now you have to do something with combat boots…or ballet slippers…or bare feet and toe rings… 🙂

  2. everettann says:

    Hey Cathy!!
    Love the cover! I agree with Linda. I love the theme you’re following.

  3. Carol W R-C says:

    I LOVE the cover and can’t wait til June!!!

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