cathy bayswater 3It was a great time today at Bayswater’s 3rd Annual New England Author Fair in Center Harbor, NH. I sold several copies of in Polyester Pajamas, passed out bookmarks for my next novel in Woolen Bikinis (to be released next week), and enjoyed chatting with many of the customers and other authors.

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Bayswater Book Co. for including me in this event and also for this wonderful photo to share.

(Check out their website at and be sure to visit their store if you’re ever in the area. It’s a wonderful place to shop.)

Now, I’m beat and my throat hurts. Really, I think I talk too much during these events! (I really do love to talk—just ask those who know me.)

Guess that’s why I write. It’s like talking through my fingers!

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  1. Sounds wonderful! And you have a second novel coming out next week?? Awesome! I’ll be looking it up. 🙂

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