Now There Are Two!

C-Dougherty-Newauthorphoto-bwMy second novel, in Woolen Bikinis, has just been released. It is the sequel to in Polyester Pajamas and continues to follow the adventures of Jean and Rosie, two middle-aged women, opposites in every way, who become best friends.

It’s so hard to believe! I can remember hoping to someday have one book published, and now, in just over a year, there are two!

What do I do next? Well, it’s time to start the third book in the series. I’m calling it in Leather Jackets. Don’t be surprised if you read about some crazy women cruising around the Lakes Region (NH) on Harleys wearing their flip flops and slippers in it. (Yeah, that’s one of the reasons for the title, but I won’t say any more.)

If you haven’t read my first book yet, please check it out. For a limited time, in celebration of my new release, the Kindle version of in Polyester Pajamas is only $2.99 on Amazon.

And the Kindle version of in Woolen Bikinis is only $3.99. That’s under $7.00 for both, less than a ticket to the movies, so how can you go wrong?

I guarantee you’ll be entertained!

Here’s my author link on Amazon to access these Kindle Books*:

Thank you to those who are already reading my new novel. I’m anxiously (and nervously) awaiting the first reviews.

*Trade paperbacks also available

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