I want to thank those of you who have already purchased my second novel in Woolen Bikinis, and also to those of you who have written reviews on Amazon and/or have told me how much you like the new book. It means a great deal to me knowing that my second novel, the sequel to in Polyester Pajamas, is being enjoyed.

Truth be told, I was very nervous about this second release—I wanted to make sure it lived up to the first one. It was hard to sit back and wait until the first reviews came in.

To add to my anxiety, soon after the release, it was noticed that a few minor edits were still needed. Oh no! Some people had already purchased the ebook and several print copies had been ordered. What was I going to do? I was the one who approved the final manuscript. How did I miss these things?

I lost a few nights of sleep and even broke down and cried. I questioned myself as a writer and wondered if I should stop writing all together.

I was totally exhausted and felt defeated.

But you know what? The book is getting rave reviews and, thanks to my awesome publishing team, the fixes have been made. Also, because of this happening, although it was stressful, I’ve grown by leaps and bounds as an author.

No more doubt, either—I’m determined to keep on writing!

Bottom line is these things occur, even to NY Times Bestsellers!

If you are an author, don’t be dismayed by the “small stuff” that can happen along the way. Of course there will be challenges, plenty of them, but it’s all part of this wonderful journey. Don’t let it deter you from doing what you love.

And if you’re a reader, don’t be too hard on an author or their publisher when a minor typo or mistake is found in a book. (It’s very hard to see them sometimes, especially when the story is engaging.) Remember, better to read a good book with a few minor mistakes, then to read one that’s flawless, but BORING!

Now it’s time to start writing the 3rd novel in the Jean and Rosie series. I can’t guarantee it will be perfectly written (in fact, I know it won’t), but I can guarantee it will be another great read.

Check out this awesome photo my BFF took of in Woolen Bikinis:

in woolen bikinis Donna

Also, check out my reviews on Amazon at the link below.  These people read the book before the adjustments (I now call it the “first edition”) and they still loved it!

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