Unique Road Signs


Every weekend, my husband and I travel an average of 200 miles throughout New England on sightseeing excursions.

We drive along back roads mostly with a few stops along the way—a place to eat, a bookstore to browse through. Sometimes we take a walk in a quaint little town. But, even with these stops, there are still many hours spent sitting in the car. Since my husband prefers to do the driving, this leaves me for long stretches of time in the passenger seat.

So what do I do to keep from getting bored or falling asleep?

Well, sometimes I knit, although I haven’t done so lately. I’ll get back to knitting in the colder months.

And we spend a lot of quality time together sharing our thoughts on various subjects. (He does most of the talking. I do most of the listening.)

I’m continuously thinking of my book characters, too—it’s like writing in my head. I work through what they’re going to do next in the current novel I’m working on. Right now, it’s Book 3 in the Jean & Rosie series.

Of course, we also do plenty of sightseeing. We’ve come across some interesting sights in the 20+ years we’ve been taking these road trips. Here’s a few of the unique road signs we’ve seen. (One will look familiar to some of you Lakes Region locals.)


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