Sign 1Today I saw, not one, but three of these designated signs in a grocery store parking lot and couldn’t believe it! I mean, really?

I’m all for handicapped parking, but some parking lots even have designated spots these days for Employee of the Week (or Month), Parents with Infants, and now… NOW THIS!

Don’t get me wrong, I know it can be difficult to walk when you’re nine months pregnant—been there, done that—but I still don’t believe in special parking spaces for expectant mothers.

This sign doesn’t say they have to be full-term either, just expectant. That could mean women who haven’t gained an ounce because they’re only, let’s say, less than two months pregnant. Should they have a special parking space?

And how about expectant dads?  Maybe they should complain about not having a space of their own? I mean it does say expectant MOTHER on this sign. Isn’t that discriminatory?

And, no kidding, what’s next? (You know it’ll be something.) People with Pets? Most Loyal Customer? People Who Complain the Most?

People Who No Longer Believe in EXERCISE?

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2 Responses to REALLY?

  1. I totally agree, Cathy! These signs just reinforce the unhelpful perception of pregnancy – regular, uncomplicated pregnancy – as a disability.

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