Maybe, but then again . . .

Recently, the New Hampshire Writers’ Project posted a list of new books released by their members. Since I’m a member of NHWP, in Woolen Bikinis was one of them.

It was a big thing for me to see my book and name listed, especially right under the name of Ruth Doan MacDougall.

As some of you may know, Ruth Doan MacDougall and her novel The Cheerleader (first in a series) are mentioned in both of my books. What you may not know is that when I read The Cheerleader many years ago, she became my inspiration. I wanted to be just like her–a published author from New Hampshire who had written a novel series set in the Lakes Region (NH). I even wrote this in my journal at the time.

And, although it has taken years, my wish has come true! The first two books in the Jean and Rosie series have been published and the third is in the works. Will the next one be the last one for these characters?  Maybe . . . but then again, maybe not!

To see the NHWP list, click HERE.

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