Reason for the Season

I received an unexpected email last night from someone who blessed me with her kind words. She didn’t know it, but I’d been feeling a little down lately. Her email came at the perfect time and chased my blue mood away. It was a simple act of kindness that meant so much.

In December especially, kindness can go out the window when faced with traffic jams, money woes, and all of the rushing around. STRESS gets in the way making us sometimes forget what this upcoming holiday is about.

May this post help us remember the Reason for the Season. Whether you call it Christmas, like I do, or Happy Holidays (or whatever), this special time of year is all about LOVE. In fact, that’s what all times of the year are all about!

So, don’t forget to extend kind gestures along the way. Let someone go before you in the check-out line. Thank someone for helping you. Give another person the parking space closest to the store. Call or email a friend or family member you’ve lost touch with. Tell those you hold dear how much you care, even if they’ve heard it many times before.

Give them a hug.

Simple acts of love can mean so much. We have the ability to make another’s life, as the poem says below, “a little brighter” and “a tad bit lighter.”

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your support. You have brightened my life and helped me make my dreams come true. I wish for all of you the wonderful things that money can never buy–good health, happiness and plenty of LOVE!

I hope you enjoy the poem!


Capture me
Take me in
With your breath
Catch me
In your throat
Tasting the love
I’ve extended

With one kind gesture
A word, smile, embrace
Lifting you up
To make your day
A little brighter
To make your load
A tad bit lighter

Capture me
And echo out
With your own
Acts of love
For in some small way
We can all
Make a difference

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