Living Tree - SP1

Isn’t this the cutest little Christmas tree? When I walked into a grocery store this morning, it was in a cart of marked down items, the only one of its kind, and caught my attention right away. It was like it had my name written on it—I had to check it out.

As I read the discounted price, I knew it was meant to be. Originally $7.99, it was now only 99 cents. What a great decoration (even if it was after Christmas)! What a great find!

I went to pay for it and expressed how cute it was to the cashier. That’s when she informed me it was a “living” tree.  At first, I couldn’t believe her because it didn’t feel real. After reading the tag attached to it, though, I realized she was right.

For only 99 cents and perfect timing (the cashier seemed disappointed she didn’t find it first), I am now the proud owner of a “living” Italian Stone Pine. It is now sitting pretty atop a beautiful hand-dyed and woven tea coaster on a table in my living room.

In a few days, the tree will go into a bigger container. Then, when spring comes, we’ll replant it in our yard. According to the information provided, it should eventually become 40-80 feet high. I’ll have to show you pictures as it grows.

(I love when things have stories attached to them. Don’t you?)

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year filled with many “simple pleasures” (like my little “living” Christmas tree).

Let’s see how many we can find!

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  1. What a wonderful simple pleasure to find! Enjoy…

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