A Fond Memory

Today I came across an obituary in the paper for a person I knew when I was a teenager. I can remember, on a field trip, we walked up a mountain trail together and sat together on the bus going home. He was shorter than me, kind of cute in a boyish sort-of-way, and he liked to talk . . . a lot. The memory is vague since this was over 35 years ago, but I do recall we talked about all sorts of things that day.

Way back then, he was trying to find himself, trying (maybe a little too hard) to fit in and belong.

Just like me.

One day in a life, a few hours, so long ago, and yet, our lives briefly met. We never talked at length again, although I’m sure we passed each other from time to time and said hello. He went to a different school. Our lives went separate ways. That’s the way things happen.

But I remember.

Although it was sad to find out he died recently, I was interested in reading his obituary to find out more about his life. He went on to secondary school after graduating, served time in the Navy, had two children, and enjoyed his job.

He also enjoyed reading, writing and poetry.

Just like me.

I guess I’m sharing these thoughts to convey that every moment, every act, counts. We never know the memories we will hold onto of another.

Or the memories we will leave behind.

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