Be Happy

The weather’s kind of miserable in New Hampshire today (freezing rain turning to steady rain), so I figure it’s the ideal time to post this photo.

We saw this sign in a store window while walking through Downtown Asheville, NC. I should’ve bought it—it makes me smile—but my husband and I have decided not to purchase any more items until we get rid of some of the unnecessary things we already own. (It’s amazing how much “stuff” can be accumulated over the years. It’s also amazing how little a person really needs to be happy.)

SAM_0017This saying reminds me of my teenage years when I worked at a local Burger King. The restaurant was situated on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee and it had a dock area for boats, as well as a little beach area where customers would often feed the ducks French fries.

The restaurant is no longer there, and I don’t even think you can feed ducks anymore because they tend to stick around, especially when it gets too cold for them here, but I can still remember how excited a duck would be when they were lucky enough to snatch a French fry without a seagull swooping down and stealing it away from them. (Okay, so seagulls are also birds, but they usually got more than their share.)

It’s a wonderful memory of such a simple pleasure!

Wishing you all a very Happy Friday and a great upcoming weekend.

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3 Responses to Be Happy

  1. CindySheaNH says:

    I remember feeding the ducks at that Burger King by the lake. I think there was also concern about the fat and calories the ducks were consuming and how unhealthy it was for them. But they sure were happy! 🙂

    • Cathy says:

      🙂 I just went to the Tractor Supply store nearby and they had baby chicks and ducks for sale. Made me want to buy some. So cute!!!

      • CindySheaNH says:

        That’s how they get you! They put those adorable little critters right out in the open and the next thing you know you’re buying $1000 worth of feed and supplies for that $3 chick!

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