When Lives Intertwine

2ndgradeKathy and I first met when we attended parochial school together back in the mid-60s. Here’s a class picture of us in 2nd grade. (I’ve blocked out the faces of the others.) Kathy is the girl standing up with the big smile, wearing the pretty red jumper.

I left that school after 4th grade, and even though we both continued to live in the area, we didn’t meet again until over 35 years later when I started working at a place she was already employed at. We even worked together in the same department.

Kathy changed jobs and 6 more years passed until we connected once more. That was only a few months ago, when my husband and I decided to look for a new home. The first house we inquired about just so happened to be Kathy’s listing.

We’ve seen several houses since then, all with Kathy, and although we haven’t found the right one yet, I know that when we do, she will be the one who sells it to us.

Our lives have crossed three times so far.

Coincidences or fate? (FYI – I don’t believe in coincidences.)

(If you’re ever searching for a primary or vacation home in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, or if you have one to sell in the area, I highly recommend Kathleen Davis of ReMax Bayside for a Realtor.)

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