Bring Home the…

Here’s a tidbit of New Hampshire news for you:

This month, the New Hampshire Lottery released its first “scratch-n-sniff” lottery ticket.

Believe it or not, it smells like BACON!

It’s called I HEART BACON and to promote it, the New Hampshire Lottery is driving a “bacon truck” around and handing out free applewood smoked bacon samples, along with the new scratch tickets.

Think I’m making this up? No way!

Google “NH Lottery” and “bacon” and you’ll find out that everyone is talking about it.

Hey, on another subject, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as much lately. Besides packing for an upcoming move (fast-approaching), I’ve been busy working on my books so I can get them back online as soon as possible. I’m happy to announce that the newly revised and reformatted Kindle version of my first book in Polyester Pajamas is now available again on Amazon. More coming soon!

(Oh, and one more thing . . . Go Patriots! )

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