I Welcome It

My best novel writing happens when I forget about the writing part. I don’t realize my hands are keyboarding anymore. My outline goes out the window and my characters do unexpected things. I have no concept of time—it becomes nonexistent. It’s an awesome feeling when this occurs, although it’s not something I can plan out. It just happens during the process when, without effort, I get lost in the story that’s being created.

The same is true with living. The most awesome experiences occur when I give up trying to figure everything out. When, in the process of moving forward, I forget about my own concocted master plan, and simply…LIVE, welcoming whatever may come next.

envelopes me
like a blast of cool air
on a hot, stifling day.
I welcome it.

Unable to determine
what lies beyond.
Relaxed in knowing
it is unnecessary.

takes care of itself.
Doesn’t need me
to set its agenda.
I welcome it.

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