Gotta Start Somewhere!

Here’s my first one-panel cartoon. Pretty simple right now–I still have so much to learn. I thought I’d be brave and share it anyway. Maybe I should add a few more wrinkles and lines over the mouth? Make the eyes sag a little? Any suggestions appreciated!

Anyone else feel this way when they look in the mirror?

Middle-Aged Moment

who are you cartoon

Of course, this “cartoon” can be taken in two different ways. Is she just shocked by the image she sees in the mirror, OR, with the wisdom that comes as we age (if we’re lucky), is she finally beginning to get a glimpse of who she really is? Hmmm, something to think about!

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2 Responses to Gotta Start Somewhere!

  1. BeeNuts says:

    No – I usually think ‘How the hell did I get to look like that?!’
    Nice drawing – may be a bit too flattering for middle age (what ever that is these days – I keep pushing it out)?

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